5 Major problems which need the assistance of Lift Maintenance Services

5 Major problems which need the assistance of Lift Maintenance Services

The majority of India’s population migrates from rural to urban areas for a better future resulting in the growing demand for land. As the scarcity of land emerges, the need to build skyscrapers becomes a necessity.

Lifts have become the backbone of these buildings. And to maintain the accessibility and functionality of these spaces, elevators need frequent maintenance.

Getting a lift installed in the building is the easiest part. Maintaining it is what's difficult. That's why lift maintenance services are hired to solve all elevator problems.

Power outage

Modern times come with complex problems. Power outage is one of the most recurring adversaries affecting a lift.

Elevators require high electricity from the residential or commercial utility system. That's why any voltage modifications or system updates can affect the motor operations or even damage the lift.

However, an elevator’s rapid maintenance could result in identifying signs at an early stage, and the professionals can make plans and repair accordingly.

They usually do a power quality survey for the lifts with a history of operational difficulties, which can help detect over or under-voltage. They also employ infrared imaging technology to spot the hot fuses before damaging the whole system, and thermal analysis helps measure noticeable temperature changes.

Deteriorated sheaves

Yes, sheaves can deteriorate, and when it starts to get worn out, it impacts the ropes, too, resulting in more wear on the sheaves.

In regular maintenance, the experts examine the groove patterns in case it starts to show rope imprints. If it does, then they regroove or replace the sheaves to prevent hoist rope failure, eliminating the sheaves' deterioration.

Impact of Contamination

The constant usage of the elevator can lead to the wear of various mechanical and motor components. Because of wear, small particles of metals are released in the oil, causing a malfunction in the whole elevator system.

If left unchecked, these wears can impact the entire elevator system and cause hazardous unfortunate events.

To tackle this critical situation, experts perform a proper oil and lubrication analysis to investigate and find out the elements of motor wear or contamination.

Bearings malfunctioning

Bearing is that element that keeps the whole elevator system moving. But, if the bearing malfunctions, it turns out to be noisy.

It usually occurs due to damage or lack of lubrication, resulting in grinding or rumbling noises.

A bearing failure can cause the machine shaft to collapse and cause motor failure. They are the reason behind dangerous vibrations caused by the production of a common mode current.

To solve this issue, experts use inductive absorbers to absorb those currents and prevent any breakdown of sensitive equipment like motors. Thus, regular attention to bearings is crucial for the elevator's efficient and safe running.

Uneven leveling with the floor

Various reasons can cause uneven leveling, ranging from level sensors and misaligned guide rails to uneven floor surfaces. This disrupts the smooth and accessible movement of the elevator car and may even put passengers' safety at risk.

Leveling sensors are thoroughly inspected and cleaned to avoid such situations from reoccurring. Examination of suspension ropes also becomes a necessity if the problem persists. Realignment and adjustment of guide rails and lift controllers are also necessary to eliminate this problem.

Even leveling the surface with the elevator is important for comfortable entry and exit of the passengers, as irregular surfaces may cause inconsistent leveling accuracy.

To conclude

These are some of the major issues associated with elevators. Still, the lift experts can easily tackle them and provide the occupants of the building with hassle-free elevator rides because all the elevator issues like emergency brakes, door sensors, fire-rated doors, and other systems are sorted out by them. By investing in lift repair services, many building owners become tension free and focus on managing their property. Hence making it the right decision in terms of efficiency and safety.

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